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Richard Prosser is a former two-term (six year) New Zealand Member of Parliament and magazine columnist, now resident in the United Kingdom.

Richard is a winemaker by trade, and has a lengthy and varied CV including everything from managing pubs, to driving trucks, to selling tractors, to designing irrigation systems.

For ten years Richard wrote a monthly column named Eyes Right, in Investigate Magazine, focusing on the issues included here. Shortly after he was first elected to Parliament in New Zealand, his first book Uncommon Dissent was published by Investigate's owners. 

Eyes Right is a place where News and Politics can be discussed freely, without the constraints, censorship, or political correctness imposed by the globalist Mainstream Media or internationally Corporatised Social Media.

We will focus on New Zealand, UK, and World News and Politics, Gun Politics, Environmental Issues, Constitutional Law, and the Climate Change Scam.

Eyes Right believes in freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and the inalienable rights of individuals. 


Richard Prosser


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